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On the ground, you can see some related points of light. At a higher level, entirely different patterns arise.

Spiral Marketers provides
marketing consulting and advisory services
for small and medium enterprises:
For businesses at the larger end of the SME range, we focus on freeing up the valuable time and energy of marketing vice presidents and directors who do have the marketing capability to develop and launch marketing solutions -- but are time-starved usually due to too many direct reports, extensive travel, cutbacks on crucial in-house talent ... and can't waste time attracting, sifting, selecting, training, and managing unproven employee or vendor candidates.

Our primary services include ... continue reading here:

Want to learn more? For smaller businesses, especially those at the startup stage, our services tend to be more comprehensive and, in addition to those listed above, include advisory and consulting services affecting the entire enterprise:
  • Expand and refine the idea for increased viability
  • Create the strategy to launch the product or business
  • Execute the business and marketing strategy
  • Identify new team candidates and engage appropriate contractors and vendors
  • Even help lead the infant organization through its early years and guide less experienced entrepreneurs
Some specific services include ... continue reading here:

For all SME businesses, our continually expanding network includes a number of world-class experts we can bring to bear for your benefit, along with people who themselves are amazingly connected. We often find ourselves networking specifically to find the right partners and opportunities for our clients.

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